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Whistler Elixir is the combination of our main passions that include mountain living, natural health and cultivating community while creating amazing thirst-quenching beverage

We are both healthcare practitioners who care deeply about individual, community and environmental health.  At Whistler Elixir we aim to create beverages that have a positive impact on our customers' health and local community, while having the most minimal impact on our surrounding environment.  We are excited to be growing a new business in Whistler and helping give back to the local community however we can.


Diane Mitchell

My passion for brewing kombucha began as a hobby and has gradually morphed into a business!   After a rewarding health care career, I founded Whistler Elixir to share our locally brewed wild craft kombucha with the Sea to Sky community.  My study of health sciences in university piqued my interest in nutrition and fermentation, which naturally led me to kombucha.  When I am not creating effervescent fermented beverages, I am on my snowboard, in my hiking boots or on my yoga mat.  After years of planning, I am thrilled to fulfill my dream of launching our natural beverage company in the majestic Coast mountains of Whistler!!  



Whistler Elixir is a perfect evolution of my career as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist.  I have spent the past 16 years in private practice helping my patients uncover the root causes of their health issues and resolve them with natural and preventive medicine.  I've developed a specific interest in digestive health and the human 'microflora' which has led to my current interest in kombucha brewing.  Outside of work my main passions are snowboarding, tennis and drumming. I'm excited to be revisiting my much earlier first career in biochemistry research in configuring and operating our brewery in spectacular Whistler, British Columbia!